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  1. awesome, but neither rgb fusion and Aorus graphics engine can change the leds of the mouse or keyboard. rgb fusion is having an update right now. both the mouse and keyboard are visible and changeble in the RGB fusion software. after the last update(b18.0308.1) but only color cycle and static work. others will freeze my keyboard and even my mouse :/ i would love to see something like temperatures(combined with multilayer). since we have cpu load in the CM software. so why not more?
  2. does someone know something about this? its been only 2 months. and not a single response
  3. good evening, I'm fairly new at this forum but okey, I saw on the gigabyte website which was about RGB Fusion ready( And i saw the Masterkeys Pro L and the Mastermouse Pro L. Now I'm wondering, what's RGB Fusion about the Mastermouse and the Masterkeys. I can't find my keyboard in the RGB Fusion software. And neither can I find something new in the Masterkeys software. So is this comming in an update? Or do I have to look harder?