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  1. Brand new HAF XB EVO - here is my review. Quality control is a major issue, either that or the race to the bottom price has caught up with CM. I have an older HAF case I love, so I decided to purchase a new one for a new pc build. All new parts, all from newegg direct. Gigabyte MB, Intel i5 7500, Gskill 3200 DDR4, SeaSonic bronze certified PSU, CM 212X Cpu fan. Onboard video for power to bios testing. First issue out of the box - the 200mm top case fan is NOT 200mm. The rubber grommets in the mesh are not even square, but rectangle. Second issue on first power on - the SATA power connector of the hotswap board LITERALLY caught on fire! (Pictures) The sata power cable to the PSU is a high quality Thermaltake braided line I've used without issue in my old machine. I chose to use the thermaltake power cable, because the SeaSonic ones were not braided and seemed lower quality. Plus the one I used was proven good. Third issue - I have no idea, the damn thing caught on fire. After I pulled the hotswap board, the machine fortunately powered on to the BIOS. I have not tested any of the functionality, as I haven't had time to re-install new power cables, and directly connect the drives to MB. I hope the SDD primary 120g OS drive and 1TB 7200 storage drives are not damaged. It appears the damage was contained to the connector, so hopefully the surge didn't hit the drives...... I'll update after I test the drives, and hear back from my service ticket here at CM.