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  1. Cosmos II windowed side panel

    Well, stock quantity is another issue since there are lots of people waiting for this. We'll see.
  2. Cosmos II windowed side panel

    As long as they do appear eventually I have no problem waiting.. Hey Mathias, what about the Side Trim that is available as an accessory? What is it for? Does it replace a side panel?
  3. I second that and the notion that the new Cosmos is of lesser quality than the original Cosmos II. I will get it however sometime in the future since it looks nice but not for my main PC. Right now I would like to use this case for a new i7940x system I am setting up for work and will also use a lot of hard drives. A new panel would certainly be welcome.
  4. Cosmos II windowed side panel

    Hello I am on the same boat as a lot of other people waiting for the tempered glass side panel of the anniversary edition to become available for sale. Come on Cooler Master let this case live - there are thousands of fans out there waiting and I still think this case has a lot of life left to it. BTW - Is this accessory new? http://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/cosmos-ii-side-trim/ It looks like you can attach some acrylic on it.