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  1. I went ahead and ordered the 200mm version since after measuring it does not seem to fit.
  2. Hey xcalibur3 I want to buy the BitFenix Spectreo Pro RGB but was thinking whether I could also fit the 230mm version. Do you think it would fit. It is 230X200mm so if I rotate it maybe it could fit. Is there any clearance after installing the 200mm version? Thanks.
  3. Oops I just noticed this thread after having replied to the other one. Not all fans have separate 2-pin LED connectors and with the advent of RGB fans these are most probably obsolete unless you find something else that can be turned on-off through these (low power of course). I am doing some mods to the case such as ditching all the USB 2.0 ports and replacing them with USB 3.0 and 1X USB 3.0 Gen 2 (10Gb/s) Type-C plug as well as an HDMI pass-through. I will also get rid of the E-Sata port (obsolete) for the HDMI pass-through. I might as well get rid of the Fan-Controller and place an Aquero 6 in its place if Asus Fan Expert does not do a good job but I am still looking for a use for it since I don't want it for my PWM fans. It is an old case that I love but some things show their age so since Cooler Master does not update them it is mod time.
  4. On a second thought they might also be for LED lights on fans so you can turn them on and off. Check the stock front fan that comes with the case (230m?? don't remember) I think it has such a connector.
  5. They must be for controlling fan speed through PWM I guess.
  6. Well, stock quantity is another issue since there are lots of people waiting for this. We'll see.
  7. As long as they do appear eventually I have no problem waiting.. Hey Mathias, what about the Side Trim that is available as an accessory? What is it for? Does it replace a side panel?
  8. I second that and the notion that the new Cosmos is of lesser quality than the original Cosmos II. I will get it however sometime in the future since it looks nice but not for my main PC. Right now I would like to use this case for a new i7940x system I am setting up for work and will also use a lot of hard drives. A new panel would certainly be welcome.
  9. Hello I am on the same boat as a lot of other people waiting for the tempered glass side panel of the anniversary edition to become available for sale. Come on Cooler Master let this case live - there are thousands of fans out there waiting and I still think this case has a lot of life left to it. BTW - Is this accessory new? http://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/cosmos-ii-side-trim/ It looks like you can attach some acrylic on it.