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  1. Raphael Baker

    RGB fans out of sync (using correct software)

    My problem has been resolved now with the help of coolermaster support. Thanks.
  2. Raphael Baker

    MasterFan Pro RGB not 100% compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion

    Do you have a copy of the motherboard manual? Pics below: 8 and 9 on board diagram are the two RGB connectors. 8 is the LED_C1 main RGB connector. LED_C2 has an extra pin. Both connectors have a marker for the 12v line. This marker must be matched with the marker on the RGB lighting plug for whatever RGB product you connect. Coolermaster Masterfan are not fully compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion. The only way to get a full range of colors with Masterfan on Aorus boards is with Coolermaster's RGB controller.
  3. Raphael Baker

    RGB fans out of sync (using correct software)

    Did that some days ago. No reply.
  4. Raphael Baker

    Cooler Master RGB Fans and Arorus X370 Gaming 5 Mobo, Help!

    The 1 to 3 RGB cable doesn't have connections for fans. It's just for RGB.
  5. Raphael Baker

    Peltier cooling?

    I used to do this some years ago. TEC with waterblock on CPU. -13c idle.
  6. Raphael Baker

    RGB fans out of sync (using correct software)

    Posted september 14th and no replies eh? Doesn't say much for customer support does it?
  7. Raphael Baker

    MasterFan Pro RGB not 100% compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion

    Further testing reveals the incorrect/missing colors with the Masterfan RGB and Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 is due to the Coolermaster fans. I tested the Gigabyte motherboard RGB with an Akasa RGB Fusion compatible LED Strip. The LED strip shows a full range of colors controlled by the motherboard. The Coolermaster Masterfan RGB fans connected to the same RGB port don't display pure red or green. When I set the motherboard RGB color to red or green the masterfan shows pale pink or pale blue respectively. This suggests some of the RGB component LEDS are not turning off correctly to produce the desired lighting color. I am contacting Gigabyte to inform them of the issue and will produce a video demonstrating the problem. List of solutions for Coolermaster: 1: Revise the design of the RGB so it's fully RGB Fusion compatible in which case Aorus motherboard users should be able to return their fans for the revised versions. 2: Remove RGB Fusion compatibility. 3: Supply Aorus motherboard users with coolermaster RGB controller. Just to recap: My Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5 is able to correctly drive an Akasa RGB LED strip. All colors are present on the strip and in sync with the motherboard lighting. The Akasa strip is RGB Fusion compatible. Coolermaster Masterfan RGB is not displaying colors correctly with Gigabyte Aorus RGB Fusion. Two pics below: Gigabyte RGB fusion software set to pure RED... notice the rear 140mm coolermaster masterfan AF RGB looks purple. The motherboard lighting is red and the Akasa LED strip is also set to red via the motherboard RGB port. The Akasa LED and Coolermaster fans are connected to the same RGB port. The coolermaster fans won't show red or green... the other RGB mix leds are lit resulting in pale colors. In the second photo (green) the motherboard RGB is set to pure green and the akasa LED reflects this accurately. The coolermaster masterfan RGB at the rear is producing blue light.
  8. Raphael Baker

    MasterFan Pro RGB not 100% compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion

    I also have similar problems. I purchased two Masterfan 140 AF RGB for my Giga Gaming 5 AX370. I can't get a full range of colors in sync with the motherboard. I can't get red or green. Red looks pale pink and green looks pale blue. There is do dimming control. From what I've read about the Giga Aorus motherboards they are able to change the function of the pin headers in software but that doesn't help me. I invested in two Coolermaster masterfan 140 and the coolermaster 1 to 3 RGB splitter cable but it's a waste of money because it's clear there isn't full compatibility. Solution is either to buy coolermaster RGB lighting controller or ditch the fans. Since the fans are promoted on Giga website as compatible I don't see why I should be forced to buy a coolermaster lighting controller. I'm supposed to do a video review of the fans on my youtube channel but need to find out what's going on before I go ahead with that.