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  1. Amaskedman

    Additional Screws #6-32

    Has anyone found additional #6-32 flat head screws anywhere online? I could use some more. I am modding my case and the screws with the low profile heads seem to be rather custom.
  2. Amaskedman

    RGB confusion

    I have a C700p and teh fan/RGB controller that came with it, 3 Phanteks Halo, and 3 Cooler Master RGB Fans and an RGB Controller that came with. The former controller looks like it works off your MOBO 4 Pin LED, the later works off of USB and software. I will probably get an ASUS motherboard or Gigabyte. Will the CM software pick them all up, will the ASUS or GB software? I plan on running the 3 halos from the controller that came with the 700p and the 3 CMs fans with the controller that came with them.
  3. Amaskedman

    CM Vertical GPU Mount

    They are on amazon for preorder available the 14 of december. Price is nice too 40 something
  4. Amaskedman

    C700P first custom loop

    I created mounting rails for a bulkhead and a deck. I used aluminium U channel. I dont think I will polish them, but I may do a brushed look. The acrylic panels will screw to these mounts. I wanted the panel in the back to be as flush with the motherboard tray as I can get it.
  5. Amaskedman

    C700P first custom loop

    Starting my C700P we go
  6. I was going to put a 360 rad top and bottom. However, if top is outtake, front is intake, combined with the rear 140 as an outtake, that would create negative air pressure. Should I remove the rear fan (not really needed in liquid cools with so many fans already), and use fan curves to maintain pressure, or ..... go with 420 front and 360 top and keep rear 140, or....... buy a coupe fans and fan bracket and add them to the bottom (intake)?
  7. Amaskedman

    Custom Parts for CM Cosmos C700P

    Why another front radiator bracket?
  8. Amaskedman

    Spare parts needed, this is frustrating

    yeah, I wanted to start my build real soon, but no vertical GPU bracket until late January. I dont want to do a custom lop just to tear it down in a couple months.
  9. This appears to be in stock in Europe but not in the US. Is the kit available from the CM Store? It seem rather popular, CM should manufacture more, make some money.
  10. Amaskedman

    High Static Pressure Fans

    I am rather confused regarding what is considered "high static pressure" fans. The Masterfan Pro 120 Air Pressure RGB Fan has a rating of 1.45 +/- 10%. The Masterfan Pro has a low of 1.45 and a top of 4.6 Are the two fans being measured the same way? Why does RGB kill static pressure?
  11. Amaskedman

    Vertical GPU Bracket

    Can you post the part number or link to the bracket? The C700P should have came with a vert gpu slot cut out, its $300. If the thermal take 70TG and Lian Li Alpha 550 both have them and they are under $200.......