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  1. hello. i was just wondering if someone here who has the case know how thick radiators you can fit in the chassi? i want to go custom loop and im buying the chassi at the same time im buying my watercooling parts. the problem is that on the website it only lists how long the radiator can be i cant find anything about how thick or tall they can be. im want to put in a 360mm rad thats 130mm thick with push/pull config at the front and a 360mm rad thats 63mm thick with push config at the top. is this possible? theres no reason for me too buy rads that wont fit so hopefully somone here can enlighten me. the rads are ek coolstream xe 360 and the ek coolstream pe 360 and my fans are corsair hd120mm sorry if my English is terrible im not a native speaker. thank you