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  1. Hi Mohd, I don't get error messages for the fact that the mouse is using the wrong DPI at Windows startup until the Mastermouse Pro L software is started. However, i do have a screenshot from the error when i try to start the Mastermouse Pro L software from within Cooler Master Portal which is also an issue. Cooler Master portal is version 1.00.
  2. This is an old thread, but i have the same problems. I had them a long time ago, but now it did get worse. I responded already in "MasterMouse Pro L- Feedback, Suggestions & Improvements Thread".
  3. De software is not working well. I have several problems. I did re-installed the software several times. - Mastermouse Pro L software doesn't start from within the Cooler Master portal software (error "file doesn't excist"). Can only be started by going to install folder and start it there. Would be handy if the installation would give an option to install start shortcut and desktop shortcut. - Mastermouse Pro L stops to startup automatically along Windows. Can't even manually let it start. BTW, this also happens with the Trigger Z software. Because of this the mouse uses wrong DPI settings (too high) and ignores the settings that should be stored on the mouse. This can only be resolved with starting up the Mastermouse Pro L software. - Give us a direct download on the website for Mastermouse Pro L software and not just the Cooler Master Portal. Next to that also a direct download link from within the Cooler Master Portal software. Especially the fact that the mouse uses the wrong DPI until the software is manually started is very annoying. On a hardware related note i want to mention that the scroll wheel needs to get big improvements for the next generation. It starts to feel flimsy, loose and feels like it can brake anytime.