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    Asus Aura RGB Issues

    I think I may have an idea for you. A while ago I plugged a RGB light strip into my MSI motherboard and noticed the very same problem. From what I understand, different brands will use different RGB header sequences in the hard-wiring of the leds. For me there was a simple fix of telling my motherboard to calibrate the header, in which my PC essentially activated the headers and asked me what colors were appearing on the strip, adjusting according to my answers. There is a possibility some form of this is happening here. I recall specifically that the RGB strip came with what it called an 'adapter' cable for ASUS Aura, which was essentially just a crossover cable that swapped the blue and red(in your case you need to switch the green and blue) headers. Try finding a RGB header crossover for your PC and see what that does for you if you cannot find a calibration option on the ASUS aura software. If not, the cable is the way to go. EDIT: Added a picture of the cable I am talking about. depending on the motherboard you have though, I cannot guarantee if this specific cable will be the one you need or if you'll need to do some looking around.