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  1. Hi @team! I bought the masterkeys pro S with RGB and Mx red switches. I'm typing with, pretty glad and fancy about it! Quick troubleshooting question : How to update masterkeys pro s' firmware ? problem : I can't update the firmware TT cause : the software doesn't acknowledge the fact that my keyboard is plugged (lol I'm typing with it right now!!) environment : keyboard plugged into ASUS motherboard (maximus viii with Keybot II soft processing) + mouse Razer Naga + all CM facilities had been donwload this very day. expected behavior : either to update the firmware on-the-fly or through the software detecting my keyboard. note : the masterkeys pro s is a peripheral. Neither CM com/marketing, nor technical documentation adress compatibilty issues. Thank you for reading those lines, please acknowledge the fact that english is not my nativ language. Cheers