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  2. love the keyboard and mouse but im having problems with some keys not working as follows Numpad = the minus key on the numpad will not work at all but in games it auto spams the numpad - num key my game maps that key to zoom out... unplayable with this keyboard continuously zooming in and out GAME ARMA 3 Numpad = minus key doesnt work either way light on or off i can smash that button all day long seems like a wire is not connected ! numlock = pressing numlock shows its on on the keyboard lights up white but can still press buttons when activated EG 946516546849841656 "LIGHT ON " numlock = pressing numlock to turn light off on keyboard "moves my cursor all over the place in this text file" looks like its to do something with the arrow keys on the numpad move cursor "Up,Down,left,Right" Numlock light is off ! left Shift + t = hold left shift press "t" i get small "t" all the time Right Shift + T = works fine lights and everything working fine 1X and 8x work fine mouse has no problems at all i can change colors all that jazz i just want a working keyboard as of right now i go back to microsoft gay keyboard no problems at all no zoom issues if you need more info im willing to give you more... pictures, videos , Serial number off the back of the keyboard .. my receipt sorry about my English or the way i explained it