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  1. thx for reply first, i tried original thermal paste.. when i saw this high temperatures, i bought coolermaster mastergel maker. 11 W/m.k thermal conductivity it sasys i didnt use it much.. only small piece on cpu ( i mean i didnt paint whole cpu back with paste)
  2. here is my result of 16 min stress test..can u pls check it and tell me if there is something wrong
  3. My pc specs i7 i7700k not using oc. Gtx1070, kingstone hyperx 2x8 ram, msi z270 gaming m5 motherboard, seagate 1tb hdd, samsung evo 250gb ssd, zalman neo11 700w case. Im using aida64 stability or intel xtu bencmark ... msi command centre too. Cooler fan is at the top of case.
  4. Thx for reply.. Yes i reinstalled it because high temperatures.At first i thought it was about thermal paste problem. But result is same again .. benchmark programs makes it 80-90 C .. l have seen 94 C even without any overclock. in games it works about 70-80 .. i cant understand where the problem is indeed. Fanspeed reaches 2k rpm. Pump is always around 2.3k rpm. One of fan is noisy a bit, the other is fine. I checked fan connections with motherboard. They are normal placed. Idk what to do, im curious about if my cpu get dmg in time.
  5. hi all i need help about this topic. i have cooler master seidon 240 liquid cooler on my pc. when i run benchmark, i see 80-90 C temperatures on my pc. my pc isnt overclocked or sth. is that normal?