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  1. Hi guys, so yesterday I noticed this Articles were listed in my support ticket, Does this mean they already want me to place a RMA request? Edit: Sorry for the big picture :/ and for hijacking this thread I didn't mean to
  2. Is it normal that its been since Monday night i placed the ticket and I haven't received any response yet?
  3. Thanks for the advice guys, I will definitely do it right now
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying :/ ... I installed it with the radiator in the front cover, I must accept that i had some struggle (don't know if maybe it was because this is my first time installing water cooling) placing the actual pump over the CPU as I felt the tubes a little hard to flex them. Here is a picture for reference I felt like the tubes where some short and like I alreay said, hard to move them around. Today, after maybe 2 weeks, I heard the sound again, for about 5-10 sec, and again that was it, no more since then... Is it really danger/risky to hear it? Water circuit should be completely air free? I will do the steps you recommend and comeback with results.
  5. I have the same sound, but in my case is not every boot, it just happens to occur occasionally, very once in a few days, and disappears in a matter of 2 minutes max... I feel like its normal, nothing to be worried about? should I? this is my first Rig with Water cooling system, is it normal that they have some air gurgling around?