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  1. A fantastic case, that I will recommend to anyone looking to get one. However, my only two complaints are that the airflow is very restrictive and as I use an air cooler, the CPU temps are quite high. Second, just provide the additional part needed to screw in the 3rd case fan in the front, I mean how much would it have cost you not to.
  2. The fan controller is connected to the Front I/O so, you can control your LEDs and Fans directly from there. However, you can always use your motherboard to control any fans connect to it.
  3. The Maker 5t is an amazing case, build quality is fantastic and looks magnificent, however, the airflow is very restrictive, Changing my case has led my CPU to be about 6 degrees hotter than before, removing the front panel does drop temps but man, if the panel restricts airflow, then why have it there in the first place.