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  1. Hi, If I can make a suggestion it would be to give a clearer idea about which fans work best for which type of restriction. The data graphs on the Master Fan series showing their performance at different pressure levels is great but it is only really useful if we know what kind of pressure is required to overcome specific barriers. For example: I might have a case that has a hard drive bay that has 5 openings of about 1cm wide each between the bays. Which fan would be best suited to this situation? The air-balance fan has dramatically better performance at most pressure ratings than the air-pressure variant, it is only above 3mmH2O pressure that the air-pressure fan starts to pull ahead. So which would be better suited for this situation? Does it count as a 3mmH2O or above restriction? I would suggest that you show actual examples of fans being tested with different restrictions and the airflow achieved. Also, use different combinations of restrictions like a HDD drive bay in front of the fan and simultaneously a dust filter at the fan's intake etc. This will lead to far more informed purchasing decisions and would make those charts that you show for the fans more useful. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I have a Hyper 212 led and the fan specs show that the fan has a maximum airflow of 66.3 CFM and a maximum pressure of 1.7 mmH2O all achieved at 1600rpm. So it appears to be a low power Xtraflow fan. I have two questions: 1. How big a difference would it make if I replaced the stock Xtraflow fan with a Master Fan pro air-balance which has 83.1 CFM and 3.63 mmH2O at 2500rpm? 2. Why did Cooler Master put a low power Xtraflow fan on the Hyper 212? Why not the full speed one that they advertise in store? Thank you for any advice.