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  1. It would have been nice. Even the H500P comes w/ the vertical mount built in. But I'd be happy if I could even BUY the adapter. I can only find it on the EU or JP site. And I'm not paying customs and shipping to have it shipped here.
  2. Set the case LED controller to MB (motherboard), and use the AuraSync software.
  3. Well, never mind about the store -- I can get on the US store now. But I can't find the combo kit that comes w/ the riser. Is that not available yet?
  4. Thank you! That's good to know. I only asked since he said it would work, and CoolerMaster tech support said it wouldn't. After having seen it installed in a few YT videos, I'm convinced it will. Now the only question is, WHERE CAN I BUY IT? Only CoolMaster online store I can get to is EU (and I'm in the States).
  5. knud, do you work for CoolerMaster? I called US Support and they said it would't work since the C700P isn't it the Maker line of cases. But the rep seemed very unsure. I'd be willing to order it to try if I could figure out where to buy the kit w/ the riser cable. NewEgg is out of stock, I can't find it on the CoolerMaster website, and no other store seems to even carry it -- in stock or not. Any help on where do find one? Thanks.
  6. That's REALLY cool to know! I don't see any removable plate on the back of the case, so how do you get access to the IO?
  7. I can't really help you, as I am just learning all this RGB stuff. However, I will tell you that my C700P works just fine w/ my ASUS ROG HERO (z370) board's RGB header. It's a little slow, in that it doesn't seem to keep up w/ the motherboard cycling, but it eventually gets there. (And I don't leave it on cycle so it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as it eventually gets there.)
  8. Hi, Does the CoolerMaster Vertical GPU Bracket fit in the C700P without case modification? If not, has anyone done a vertical GPU mount in his or her build yet? Looking for ideas if the CM product doesn't work. Thanks!