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    Cooler Master RGB Fans and Arorus X370 Gaming 5 Mobo, Help!

    Bump, any help??
  2. First post:). So I just finished a Ryzen 7 Build, using the Gigabyte Arorus X370 Gaming 5 board, latest bios too. I'm using the Ryzen Wraith Cooler, and that is plugged into the LED Header 1. It works fine, I can adjust the LED colors through the Gigabyte Fusion Software that runs on Win 10. I just added 2 Cooler Master RGB fans to the case. I am using the 1 to 3 cable (that also has connections to spin the fans). I have attached the cable to my LED Header 2 on the mobo, but I am NOT getting any lighting ... the fans spin, but no lights. I have tested the LED Header 1, also no lighting. I can't quite figure out what I am doing wrong. Help me please! I did recall reading that my mobo is on the list of compatible ones too. -Adam