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  1. Portshot

    MasterFan Pro RGB LEDs dim/not working

    For anyone having this same issue looking for answers... if your fan speeds are controlled by the BIOS to adjust speed as needed, or if they are set to a quiet mode, the fans spin slower and the LED is dimmer, or off. When powering on the system you might get a bright flash as the computer POST. In Windows, using the ASUS Ai utility for Fan XPert, if I click "full speed" I get the full brightness... if I click "quiet" mode the LED dims a lot. The LED power for these fans is provided by the power connector, NOT the RGB wire.
  2. Portshot

    Aura RGB not working with splitter? ( Solved )

    Just an FYI for you and anyone else reading your post... the whole point of RGB headers and AURA is that you can set any fan to a specific colour. So if you have 1 on each header on your motherboard, you can set them both to the same colour in the AURA application.