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  1. On 10.11.2017 at 12:21 AM, Mohd Dzuld said:

    29c idle is great + if still under 70c what i can say is save and normal .

    There is another issue that gets me worried....

    Does it seem like I managed to grind the motherboard a bit here? And should I be worried about this? It has worked flawlessly for a year already but it keeps make me thinking... If even removing or replacing the cooler in the future if problems occur might damage it more.


    I remember being fairly careful about details watching a few videos... Then I later watched another one to see if I did everything right and he managed to grind his motherboard in this video causing the motherboard to fail.

  2. On 23.10.2017 at 5:15 AM, Mohd Dzuld said:


    Share info ,

    intel i5 4690k with Master Liquid 240

    Idle 25-30c and load at 50-60c and Run full speed .

    Try read this

    1, How to determine if the pump is functioning on your liquid cooler

    2, Where do I connect the Fans and Pump?

    If you still concerned please contact customer services , they will help you .

    The info is right up there in the Speccy screenshots of my system...


  3. Hello!

    I have a computer with an i7-6700k using cooler master neptune 240m as the CPU cooling. The pump is on fanheader while the radiator fans are connected to another CPU opt fan connector on the motherboard.


    I have an idle temp of 29-30 degrees celsius when the room temp is on about 24-25 degrees. When I run it on max load for extended periods the temp keeps around 65+ degrees. Is this normal? So far I have not adjusted any settings on the CPU or the fan setup. No overclocks having the CPU on 4,0Ghz. I'm not sure about voltage setting but I will check later. I think it is on stock settings. I'm just wondering if these temps are normal for this cooler + this CPU? The 65+ degrees appear when the CPU is used 100% by rendering softwares which I do occasionally. I installed the cooler causally watching several instructions to do it properly. The temps never go above 70 degrees as I know of. Maybe 65-68 but not more.



    I'm new to watercoolers in general. I just want to be sure if I did something wrong or not. And if these are nominal normal temps. And what kind of tweaks and settings I should do.

    This is in general how the whole installation looks like if it can help the case. The fans are set as outake on top of my system. I have 2 intakes on front behind dustfilter. And another corsair blue LED outake. All the non radiator fans are 140mm and the system runs cool in general.




    I also have a question regarding the installation location. I remember being really careful while installing this cooler. (as they said in several videos before) and noticed a few people have managed to brick their motherboard installing it. I'm not sure if I have damaged or not even though being very careful while installing. The computer has worked flawlessly since last December when I did the installation/upgrade. I have an example in the images that makes me worry. The one of the pump with a red arrow.BFXPSGx.png

    Should I worry? I have moved the computer around several times for installing smaller new fans or gadgets in the several months since last december and to show my systems guts to friends. Not noticed anything wrong system wise and no errors at all. I'm just not sure what that looks like.