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  1. I've just read Michael's post with interest. I'm about to build a 7900X system using the Liquid Pro 280 at the top of a Cosmos II case. When Toms Hardware reviewed that cooler it suggested that you could reduce the sound output by using four fans at lower RPM. What I am wondering is if you use the same type of fan to pull, as you would to push? I've read about the difference between radiator and case fans, but that was only dealing with fans that pushed through a radiator.
  2. Thanks for the input. I've gone with the Cooler Master Liquid Pro 280, and have another question. This review on Toms Hardware, suggests that stacking four fans and reducing their RPM, results in similar cooling with less noise. I seem to remember reading a review of the Cosmos II that said there was room to do this with that case. Mount fans above and below the radiator. Does that sound right?,5059-2.html
  3. I'm about to start a 7900X build using a Cosmos II, and it seems that you need to make every effort to keep the CPU cool. I have also seen a few posts in this forum where people have had issues putting large radiators in the top of a Cosmos II case, so I am hoping to find someone with atual experience. At the very least, I'd like to use a 280mm AIO. Has anyone done this, and especially with a 7900X? Is it a straight forward fit, and if you did use a 7900X, what temperatures did you get? BTW I need to keep all the drive bays. That was one of the reasons I chose to use this case. TIA