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  1. Warren Hillsdon

    HAF X - New Front Panel

    Hey Knud, Thanks for the response. Sad as it is - I did think it was a pipe dream. Do any of the other similar cases come without the USB2 ports? Or will I forever have a floating cable inside my box Thanks
  2. Warren Hillsdon

    HAF X - New Front Panel

    Hey All, I just want to start this by saying just how much I love my HAF X Case. Its great. Just updating my rig a little lately and really wanted to keep the box. However noticed that new motherboards are coming now without the older USB2 interfaces on them for the front panel. Got me thinking that G-Sata never "really" got anywhere so is there perhaps an option to replace the front panel completely with something a little more functional? Is this a pipe dream and I now only really use the 2xUSB3 ports and that's about it?