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  1. Purchased a new Hyper 212 Evo in late-July but a mere week afterward, the fan began to make an awful rattling noise anytime the system is under load. I've ruled out all other possibilities, it is absolutely an issue with the bearings inside the fan itself. I finally submitted my product for registration over the weekend, have not yet had it approved, and when I reached out to customer support about the RMA process, I was told I'll need to register the product before ordering a replacement fan. Bit of a catch-22. That said, my biggest concern is what I read when I stumbled upon this thread: Is this really how Cooler Master handles defective fans for a product that is notoriously problematic with the fans? I never received a clear answer from support when I asked what the RMA process was, just a link to an article that explains how to order replacement parts. Between the conveniently vague customer support response and this guy's thread, I'm contemplating just yanking this product, returning it to the retailer, and taking my business elsewhere for cooling products.