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  1. does anyone know the stock rear exhaust fan specs for cfm and air pressure ? I am looking at gettting there masterfan pro rgb to replace it but i may think twice if it has higher specs then the master fan
  2. they will start selling them on oct 10th is what i heard. sadly for me i got shafted on my pre order so it will probably be awhile tell i get my case x.x. good luck to all the people who were able to get an order for one
  3. I purchased a h500p case from them that clearly showed in stock last week. and today the day before its pre orders are supposed to start shipping i get an. Opps we had no stock and we have no eta for your order my bad... what frustrates me more is i bought from them over other sites that also had stock but no longer do. so i pretty much got shafted at this point as they dont even know when they will get stock again... is now for ever on my don't buy list..provantage is canceling my order. (This morning I found out some how after the two email of them saying they were sorry and had zero stock without eta they have now shipped my case yesterday the 9th the same day they said they wouldn't have stock....) So I gusse there stock is good but customer service is a pain. Oh well at least I will have my case by 10/12 now