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  1. Just checking but from the looks you have a ASUS Z370-E motherboard? I have the same.

    A regular RGB header on your motherboard will not work with these fans.

    You need to connect it to the ARGB header which of you only have one so you will need a ARGB splitter cable to connect everything. (Again a regular RGB splitter will not work)


    I just returned my MasterFan Pro RGB fans as they make a :) of a rattling sound... And I'm also not the only one!
    I was now thinking of buying the regular MasterFan RGB fans or the new ARGB fans. 

    Keep me updated if you get it to work with AURA!

    PS: I'm not related to Cooler Master but just trying to help.

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  2. I have a 3 pack MasterFan Pro 120 RGB Balance and 2 MasterFan Pro 140 Balance RGB.
    In the beginning all of them made a rattling noise startin at medium speeds. I dind't care much because they only went to that speed and higher when gaming and I have headset on.

    Now multiple fans are rattling at the lowest speed which is realy annoying! If  I'm correct, they shoudn't make that noise at all...


    Can I request new ones at the dealer or directly at coolermaster?

  3. Hey,

    I have the same exact thing with the exact same cooler. I have the radiator front mounted and I can hear the water dripping into the radiator.
    It started after about 10 hours runnning the system over a course of 2 days. My Idle temps stay around 30C on a new Intel 8700.

    Should I RMA it?