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  1. Hiya and thanks for replying. That is a good link you supplied, had a quick look and will be emailing them, I couldn't see what I wanted but they sell a HAF x top cover which looks like it includes all the I/O stuff too and hopefully the attached cables too. The fan is fine, its the on off switch that I broke the pins off and so really its just the switch and the red/black cable that goes from the switch to the red/black cable from the fan itself. Many thanks, Rory
  2. Hiya all, My first post.....I have a CM HAF X (and also a HAF932). I have been stripping down the HAF X to upgrade my rig and also to give it a thorough cleaning. However I have managed to snap the pins off the microswitch for the front fan led. Ideally I would like both the switch and the length of wire that has the 2 pin fan connector on the one end and the switch connectors on the other end to save having to mess about with the present wire which has the pins snapped off still embedded in the end of the wire. So, does some kind person know where I can obtain the above from? Help much appreciated, Many thanks, Rory