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  1. Milorad Milicevic

    CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    They replied very quickly but no luck. They don't have that part available anymore. Never mind, a guy from other forum contacted me, offering the same part as he no longer use the CM Storm Sniper case.
  2. Milorad Milicevic

    CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    Yes I know it is 'bit old' :-) but still looking just fine. (I am considering of buying acrylic transparent case also). Plenty of space (have big graphics card with 3 vents - no problem at all). No mayor damage beside these 2 usb ports, one locking knob on the top (when I installed water cooling) and had to change reset button few years back. Already 4 configs changed in this case. I have already contacted customer support and waiting for the answer. Thanks man !
  3. Milorad Milicevic

    CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    Hi, I have Storm Sniper something like 7 years (i think I bought it in 2010 - I forgot). Never mind, great computer case I am very fond of it. I need to replace front panel PCB (2 usb ports are broken). I searched internet for some commercial sites in order to buy it, but couldn't find anything. I would appreciate any info if anybody knows where can be bought. Thanks !!