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  1. Thanks for your help knud. The problem seemed to fix its self. One day they just turned on and i dont know why
  2. Here are the specs for my pc Mb: asus maximus ix formula Cpu: intel 7th gen core i5 7600k Memory: g skill trident rgb 16gb 3200 Gpu: asus strix rgb 1070 8gb Psu: corsair 850i Cooler: nzxt kraken x62
  3. Hello this is a photo of my pcb with one of my four sata cables connected
  4. Hello knud. the fans and white lights on the i/o work. I checked the pcb and there plugged in. the case rgb lights,fan and rgb control button on the front panel dont want to work but ths power and reset button do work
  5. Is anybody else having problems get the case leds to work? I tried multiple sata cables into rgb controll hub and different psu's but i cant get them to turn on? Any clues what im doing wrong