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  1. I got through to someone in the US at Cooler Master, today. They won't have accessories like drive cages or parts until the end of November....
  2. My case came last night, I started working on it today. It didn't take long to find out it came with only a few special screws for mounting drives but not enough to populate the two bays much less the 2.5" spot on the shroud. None of the kits on newegg or coolermaster store have them. I tried to call and got a voicemail, no one answers the phones at Cooler Master? I need more of the rubber grommets for those screws too. also, the front panel connectors require the motherboard to have 2 19 pin usb 3.0 headers. My z270e board has on,y one so I will have to buy or make an adapter like this for the price I'd gave thought coolermaster could have included a splitter or hub as few boards have more than one 19 pin male connector for a front IO. The manual is less than helpful. A list of each component with its part number so we can reference them when trying to get spares would have been really nice. A wiring diagrams listing each connector would have helped me prepare too. Please advise on how I can get screws, grommets, and maybe a 19 pin splitter. I'm dead in the water without those bits. Thank you.
  3. I too would like custom parts. A vertical GPU bracket, a rear panel that works with the vertical GPU ( or two in vertical SLI), a 2nd external drive bay, and the appropriate fan/radiator mount to work with the external drive bay. A different shroud configuration with 2.5" SSD mounts too.