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  1. Alpha Bond

    Socket 1150 issue ?

    At stock clock/voltage on my i5 4670K no problem, in stress test it go 74°C max. In OC 4.5Ghz : in idle 50°C at 28°C of ambient temperature, in stress test 90°C and some core hit 100°C. I think i'm going to move some fans on my case, disassembly everything, clean and change the thermal paste and test again.
  2. Alpha Bond

    Socket 1150 issue ?

    Hi, thank you ! Yes 1150, not 1550 sorry i gone to edit my title :/ I can't mount it that way, now with your picture i see what is the problem... On your motherboard you have a space between the heatsink area of the LGA1150 socket and the first DIMM socket. On my motherboard i have maybe 1 or 2 mm but not the space that you have as you can see on the picture : General view of both motherboard : I Can't find the datasheet with all the quotations of my ram (GSkill F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL ) and of my motherboard but my ram have the same thickness of the DIMM socket on my motherboard.
  3. Alpha Bond

    Socket 1150 issue ?

    Hello MasterLiquid 240 Owners, i have a issue with my motherboard(Asus H97-PLUS), the only way to mount is to turn it 180 ° as you can see on the picture. If I put the block in the position where it will have to be the pipes pressed on the ram ( G.Skill Extreme3 Ripjaws X DDR3 4 Go 1600 MHz CAS 9), if I force maybe I can install it but it will be dangerous, the first ram will arched and I will not be able to remove it or put it back without risk. So i mounted that way as you can see