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  1. so I did order the noctua fans.. and rma'd the fans that came with the AIO.. both came in the mail today.. i will try out the noctuas first.. in the image you posted.. did you change the cpu fan to always be at 100%?
  2. I have added an RAR compressed file.. its an audio file.. i show what it sounds like with the AIO fans on 700 RPM, 900 RPM and 2000 RPM 2000 RPM is when the loud sound happens.. u can hear the sound perfectly.. the actual PUMP on all of those settings was at 2,700 RPM so it shouldnt be the pump since its not actually changing speed.. only the fan.. the intake fan also speeds up and the fan in the rear... but the sound is coming from the middle of my case.. the only fans I have in the middle of my case is the 2 fans on the AIO take a quick listen and tell me what you think.. i dont really want to RMA just cause the fan.. i would have to send the whole AIO back? which would leave me w/out a computer.. ill just order the replacement fans, if the splitter does take 4 pin PWM fans I should be fine... but as you can hear.. when the fans are on 2000 RPM like suggested... it sounds horrible fan noise.rar
  3. i think there is some confusion about the 2000 rpm speed.. the actual pump is running around 2700 , but im talking about the cpu fan speed.. which is the fans on the radiator... if you look on the specs of the masterliquid 240 its rated to go 2000 rpm max (FANS) i think im in pretty good shape.. cause under max load.. gaming at 4k its never gone over 70c.. normally around 60-65c under load.. my main issue is just the sound when i turn it on extreme.. i think one of the bearings in the fan is bad.. i really just need to find out about the splitter.. if I have too i can open up the case and look.. i just hate unhooking everything.. just want to make sure if I buy 4 pin fans if they will hook into the splitter.. cause i dont know if the fans that come with the AIO is 3 or 4 pin
  4. okay, first off I have 2 questions.. first off.. i am reading that this is supposed to be on full speed at all times? using hwinfo64, the cpu fan is the fans on this AIO correct? well i dont know if what im using came with my motherboard or what "asus rog crosshair VI hero" but there is this thing thats on my screen a circle with an X.. if I click on it it has silent, standard, turbo, or full speed.. i normally put it on standard when doing stuff that does not need alot of cpu.. but if i game or something i put it on extreme or tubro which takes it from 700 rpm to 2000 when its on 2000 there is a whineing noise im guessing from the fan, or fans.. so my first question is... I have this running to the cpu2 fan header using the y splitter that came with it.. am I doing something wrong? am I supposed to leave it on extreme (2000 RPM) at all times? my 2nd question is.. im wanting to upgrade, replace the fans.. with 2 of these NF-F12 iPPC-2000 PWM Fan with Focused Flow™ and SSO2 Bearing they are 4 pin.. first off will these be good for me to use? they are 4 pin.. will the splitter that came with it work? cause I dont remember if the fans that came with it are 4 pin or 3 pin... and if it wont work.. what splitter will i want to buy? do I want a splitter that hooks two 4 pin fans into one 3 pin? or into one 4 pin? i want to make sure that i buy the right thing cause its going to set me back $50 I have added an image of my hwinfo64 which shows all the temps and stuff.. this the max on the temps and speeds was gaming on battlefield 1 just in case this will help you answer my question i have asus rog crosshair vi hero amd ryzen 7 1800x 2x8 (16GB) corsair vengeance ram 3200 m.2 evo ssd 2TB SSHD windows 10