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  1. I installed new MasterLiquid 240 a few days ago in my new Ryzen 1600 build. Temps have been good. Actually surprisingly good at 25C - 35C idle and never above 55C at load. However right after installing it I started hearing a spraying sound from the AIO. Like water was dripping somewhere or beeing sprayed. I have had CM AIOs before and never heard anything like this. The sound however, is only noticeable during the first hour or so and disappears afterwards. Id you click the link you can hear a file i uploaded of the sound. I just recorded this from outside the case by putting the my phone's mic to the top exhaust. As you can hear the sound is actually pretty loud, alot louder than my fans. The thing is that this afternoon I turned my PC on and checked temps, and they were already at 40C to low 50s in idle..Could there be anything wrong this my AIO? Pumps is running at 100% all the time Link to sound file