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  1. I'm transplanting my current rig from Ostrog Mid Tower Case to CSX Stacker 830. The Stacker 830 will be "tweaked" such as adding 3x HDD cages with 120mm fan in front and saying good bye to optical drive. Cooling: Front = 3x Antec Tricool fans (intake) Side = None Top = 1x Antec Tricool (exhaust) Back = 1x Antec Tricool (exhaust) PSU = 1x 140mm (exhaust) All tricool's are black colored. I heard radiator fans are better but these should be good enough. Specs: i7 2600k 16GB DDR3-1333 Hyper Evo 212 ASUS P8Z68-V Radeon HD7850 (upgrade later) Rosewill N300 PCIe (upgrade later) 1x Samsung 830 Evo 128GB SSD 1x 1TB Hiatchi HDD Supermutli ODD Windows 7 64bit Home Spec changes: -Hyper Evo 212 [too close on height requirements] -ODD +BXTS15A Intel Improved Stock Cooler +3x 1TB Drives +1 Samsung 840 128GB +Windows 10 64bit Home/Pro Later on changes: GPU Upgrade = GTX 680 Or GTX 670 Or GTX 770 or GTX 780 (around that budget) WIFI Upgrade = Wireless-AC triple band AC1900 Waiting on some parts, will update the thread with pictures later on.
  2. John Blitchford

    CM/CSX Stacker Max GPU Length

    Was wondering what is the max GPU length of the Stacker 830? Mind as well tell me both metric and inches so I don't have to google the conversion
  3. John Blitchford

    CM/CSX Stacker Motherboard Standoff Size

    Does anyone know the exact size of the Cooler Master Stacker 830 Motherboard Standoffs? Was looking at my metric ruler, looked around 10-11mm height and 3mm screw part. Was thinking of ordering M4 10*6 then putting a nut at the bottom of the screw bugling from the tray to ensure it stays there. M4 seems the closest to M3.5 (6-32) but is it too fat for ATX Motherboard holes? I heard one generic case did use M4 (don't remember) but was wondering if it would be an issue. So I was thinking: M4*10*6 Standoffs M4*8 or M4*10 screws (to ensure it's screwed into standoffs enough) M4 Nuts (to stop standoffs from falling out) Thoughts?