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  1. I have a question regarding my 2 broken PCI-E 8 (6*2) modulair power cable's. Situation: This month i build my very first gaming PC and bought a modulair PSU, a CM V550 80 Gold PLUS ( ). With it came 1 PCI-E 8 (6*2) power cable that had a problem with the cable layout at the back of one connector (See image's). So i contacted CM and they send me a new one (even after i had asked them to send me a CPU power cable first... Probs to CM for doing this BTW, Awesome customer service). But when it arrived it had the same cable layout problem... However, i saw that the metal connector on the end of the cable was still intact, just stuffed in the wrong pin. Question: If i somehow remove the wrong placed cable, and get it in the right pin, will it work? And if so, will it be safe 2 use. Obviously i could just contact them and ask them to send me another PCI-E cable (wich i already did), but then id have to wait again... This question is more out of curiosity (id rather wait then have a dead new 400$ GPU), but otherways i just have a broken PCI-E power cable laying around.