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  1. Hi Guys! First off, I gotta say...I really dig this case. I do have some concerns about air flow. I have 3 intake fans installed in the front of my Masterbox lite 5, 1 exhaust fan and a hyper 212 LED turbo (which did not fit originally, I removed the decorative crown) mounted horizontally w/ the pull fan blowing upward. However, the environment is producing negative pressure. When I remove the dark mirror front panel, the pressure turns positive...which means the front panel is restricting intake flow. Any ideas on how to achieve a positive pressure environment without removing the front panel? Should I buy custom filters for the rear vents if there isn’t a fix? I will clean/dust my PC to keep her maintained. I just want to keep dust intrusion to a minimal. Would have been sweet if the masterbox lite 5 came with a mesh front. Thanks!