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  1. Done and done. I got specific instructions about how to proceed. I'm just waiting on confirmation. Thanks for your help!
  2. Well, there's no need for the expense of an RMA and a completely new cooler. All I need is one very small part. And the site allowed me to get a support ticket without product registration. Thanks for your quick response. PS: The metal bits are actually there in the black plastic inserts. They just aren't under any tension in the one "bracket."
  3. I purchased a Masternotepal Maker, and got it home to find that one of the two-part bracket assemblies wasn't tensioning against the top surface of the unit. Apparently, whatever is in the plastic insert (there's a rubber surround as well) isn't functioning to push down on the small metal bits that contact the aluminum. I initiated a ticket, took a careful photo from the 'net and used it to illustrate the problem. Customer Service got back to me after a few back-and-forth messages with this cryptic advice: Please choose Large Anti-Slip Bracket Thank you CM USA Support I replied and asked them how I was supposed to do that. I can find a link for "Check Part Request Status," but no ordering mechanism on the site to make the part request. So far, I haven't heard anything back. Can anyone help me?