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  1. Hi everybody, We are organizing an air-cooler survey and we would like to receive your input so we can create even better products for you! You can enter the survey over this link: For people living in Europe, you will even have a chance to win great prices! We will raffle 3pcs of Silencio 652 and 3pcs of Centurion 6 among the participants. Many thanks for your help and input!!!! P.s. Feel free to share your opinion in this topic also Ron // PM Cooling - Cooler Master Europe
  2. For all people in Germany, Benelux, France and Scandinavia the price will be €118 ex VAT (139.95 euro for Germany and Benelux) For all people in Germany, Caseking offers it already for pre-sale
  3. The 26A is the total combined power of the +12V line. For the RPP 750W you have 648W/12V=54A. So I think thats enough
  4. Hi Matthew, Just been reading your post. I have a question... Does the PSU looks like on the picture? Because if you dont have the black/blue/green connectors then its a sample version. The current PSU is V2.3, some have no 80PLUS logo on it but thats just because they where shipped out before we got the certificate. And if there are any further problems you can always contact our
  5. Gues what I came up with when I could not sleep because the LEDs where on... ... eid=000079
  6. Ron

    CM 690

    We have this one.. ... 690_RC690/ although no real conclusion yet... and they wont untill the magzine comes out.
  7. Ron

    CM 690

    The coding can mean diffrent kind of things... I take Centurion 5 as example: CAC-T05-UW-GP : default version CAC-T05-WW-GP : version with side window CAC-T05-UWD-GP: version with eXtreme Power 380W CAC-T05-WWD-GP: version with eXtreme Power 380W and side window and so on... So yes... I can confirm, and more version could be coming up...
  8. Ron

    CM 690

    Hallo Jammy I dont know about the direct shipments to our customers... But in week 38 the chassis will enter our warehous. But you can check with Alternate ( ) when the goods will arive in their shop since they already pre-order selling it
  9. Then it means they sold out already I will check/inform our sales.
  10. For EU I can 100% confirm that for the whole Real Power Pro and M will be 5 years. Even if you bought the product before the anouncement. For Canada and USA I dont know.... maybe somebody from our USA office can confirm it?
  11. True... but the hint is on that page.. And many thanx Your comments are very usefull and we take them very serious. As for the sidepanel... I will check for the status of the side window for you guys. Or if Bryant is earlier he can check
  12. It's a secret .... but for the carefull reader ... HINT: ... r%20master
  13. I dont know for sure... but EU got the first batch... so I think its a matter of days before it hits the stores in Australia.
  14. As below The +12V2 is on the non modular cables