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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to clean my Masterkeys Pro L keyboard, but without any luck. I have searched the forums and FAQ, but I have not found anything. I was hoping for something official, to be sure that I don't damage the keyboard. Are there any good ways to do this? For my case specific, I'm not looking for an execessive cleaning, just how to wipe the keycaps so they are nice and clean.
  2. I recently purchased a Masterkeys Pro L keyboard. The first model I got, I had to return to the store due to the enter key having bad stabilizers as well as space bar ratteling. Then I got another which doesn't have the enter key problem, but it does still have a bit of a space bar ratteling. There is definitely something about the bigger keys feeling different than the smaller ones. I have checked all the keys now and the ones that feel different/rattles are: enter and return, the big + on the numpad, backspace, the right shift. It's not like they feel exactly bad, but they do seem different, sound different and some of them rattles a bit. It generally feels like it's all the keys that have stabilizers as they are wider or higher.