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  1. Good day Sir, I own a Cooler master 850W , product number : RS-850-ESBA . Last week on 28.08.2017 I went on holiday for 6 days so I removed the power cord from the power supply so nothing could happen while I was gone. I know that the power supply has a power failure protection and when you put the cord back on it takes a while for it to start. But it has been more than 20 hours since I have put the cord in the computer and it still won't start. The red led from the back of the power supply is not lightning . I know it has power cuz i put my hand inside and it almost electrecuted me. The power supply worked perfectly before so I don't really know what is the problem. Does it calculate the time it was off ? And by assumption now I will have to wait for 7 days for it to power back on ? Best requards, Ichim Andrei Hope to hear from you soon .