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  1. I have everything hooked up correctly, I have the Stryker case from you guys as well.. And It is working perfectly. But my Storm trooper none of the lights come on. When I hook up the 4 pin connectory it starts getting extremely hot.
  2. I've issued 3 tickets, left numerous phone messages, No response.. They recomended I buy this I/o Sheild part, Installed it and did nothing.. I have a $180 paperweight!
  3. Hello guys Been having problems with the I/O panel again. A guy at CM said it was the I/O problem. So I bought it.. NEW I/O Installed!.. But the problem still presists. After the install with the new I/O I get this little red light right here at the top but nothing else.. No fans turn on , No power light ups or fan control. Socket gets extremely hot.. This is wired through my PSU. (12V current flow) Same as my other case which is the STRYKER and everything works perfect.. But I am eventually losing hope in my Storm Trooper.. Can anyone please help?? thanks!