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    Hello Guys. I got one of MasterKeys PRO M White leds, and i got a issue not sure if it's a normal problem. Im a CS:GO player and like i said i got one of yours keyboards, i just set my gear up and when i went to play my first cs:go game something wrong happened with my keyboard, when i press w to move forward it stucks, my 1 person player stucks. It doesnt happen really often but it does, and the main problem now it's the TAB, i usually play with 300 fps. While before i got the keyboard i had a normal one, never one that good and mecanic. The thing is when i press TAB while im playin it drops my fps really bad 300 to 10, only, and i say only while i press tab, it doesnt happen when im playin in the server, if i keep pressing TAB it doesnt change a thing it keeps 10 fps, when i take my finger off the tab it goes to my 300 fps again. I've updated all thing that you can imagine, i updated my drivers, i switched usb doors, i changed some stuff on my graphics i dont know what to do anymore, hopefuly you can help me out.