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  1. nicus9

    USB port broke, now power doesn't work

    I was able to trace the wires and figure out where they were hooked up. Like an idiot, I realized halfway through I could have just looked at the motherboard ports itself to figure it out. I unplugged both USB cables and it works now. Two more questions: 1) How did you determine that's what those wires were? Are those indeed standard labels? I just want to know so I can learn and know in the future. 2) How would I go about actually repairing/replacing the USB port itself so I can hook it all back up normally? Thank you for your help!
  2. nicus9

    USB port broke, now power doesn't work

    Ok so I finally took my computer apart again and found my way into that closed off section near the power button and UBS ports. Turns out the access to that section was on the outside so I took it apart for no reason... But fact is I have access now. My problem is that I don't know what any of the wires actually do. I dug up the manual for the case but I can't find any reference to that section of it (since theoretically you shouldn't have to mess with it as it comes preconnected). They are labeled JP1, JP2, etc. up to JP6. By any chance are these things labeled by some kind of standard? Any way I can look up the documentation on the purpose of each one? I think that thick flat red wire is the wire hooked up to the power button. Does anyone know if that is correct or not? Here are pictures of what I've found. Any information would be great.
  3. I bought a HAF 932 case back in 2013 and its been working great until recently. A usb wire tangled around my foot and was jerked out of one of the USB ports that is on the front of the case, near the top. Part of the port broke off and remained inside of the wire that was plugged in which naturally means the USB port is broken. This wouldn't be a big deal as there are 3 other ports on the front plus the ones in the back, but ever since it happened, my PC won't turn on. I took the side off and tried to see if I could see anything but it is hiding behind the disc drive rack and appears to be sealed off from the rest of the case. I'm guessing when the wire was yanked out of the case, some other cable related to the power was yanked out too (since the power button is right next to the USB ports). This is the only desktop I've ever put together and it was back in 2013 so I wanted to get some advice before I started taking it apart again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.