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  1. I have a V750 I bought a year ago. Today I'm installing a new GTX 1080 ti and I needed a second 6+2 to run to that GPU. There's supposed to be 4 in the box - I only have 2. So, I need to know where I can buy some spares from. The EU store seems to have them but, for some reason, they're either not in or hidden in the American store.
  2. John Steakley

    New GPU PC Shuts down

    I've had the same problem with a new Zotac 1080 TI. You have to run two completely separate power cables. You can't use the second connector that's on single 6+2, it has to be two separate 6+2's - two individual lines form the PSU. The problem is the 1080 ti's can draw more than a single line can handle so the PSU shuts down.