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    MasterCase Maker 5 & Hard Drive Vibration

    I confirmed that the vibration was originating from the HDD and spreading to the whole case via the HDD bracket. As all HDDs spin and cause vibration there really is only ONE cause of action it seems … I didn’t want the noise caused by this ruining my lovely new build. The only solution was to replace the HDD with an SSD. I now have one SSD for the operating system, one SSD for storage and a quiet computer!
  2. Hello, I've fitted a hard disk drive in the preinstalled 3.5" cage (2 bay) located in the power supply compartment of my 'MasterCase Maker 5'. However, the whole case (top to bottom) is now vibrating when the system is powered on which is really irritating. I know this vibration is being caused by the operation of the hard drive (i.e. the spinning disk). Is there any way to overcome this problem? The 3.5'' holders have thin rubber decoupling to prevent vibration but it doesn't seem to be doing its job particularly well! This case vibration is bad, and really noticeable, compared with my four previous chassis builds. Any advice, or a solution that's worked for you, will be very welcome. Kind regards, Glen