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  1. I also have a similar issue. I just got the MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow and attached to Asus Strix B350-F motherboard. I had submitted a previous support ticket asking if the fan will be compatible with Asus Aura and was told they are compatible. Today, I got the fan and plugged in the fan head and RGB header. I tried to control the fan using Asus Aura. However, the fan RGB is completely out of sync with the motherboard and my RGB ram. For example, when I set it as static purple, the ram and motherboard will be purple, but the fan goes from purple and gradually dims to red. On blue, it starts as blue and then over 4-5 seconds dims to a very low white/orange. On the rainbow gradient setting, my RAM and mobo will cycle through the colours (purple > blue > teal) but the fan itself will alternate between red and green. It also has a breathing effect (bright to dark). So two problems here: 1) The fan colours do not correspond to the motherboard and my RGB ram, even though they are all synced with Asus Aura 2) The fan is stuck on breathing, I can't set it as static brightness I should have spent the extra money and got the Corsair fans instead