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  1. Does anyone know what is happening this product is all of a sudden nowhere to get in the EU (Netherlands specific) Is this EOL or will there be a newer/altered version?
  2. Hi a question, I want to order one of the cooling kits. Either MasterLiquid Pro 280 or MasterLiquid Pro 240. One article a little while ago and also one of the reviews says the 280 is compatible with my case others say it is not. If you check the manual / specs on both products it is possible to fit. Maybe anyone can clarify why it would not fit? MasterLiquid Pro 280:(radiator) 311 x 138 x 27 mm Cosmos II : I now run 3 fans with 140 mm size each on top frame. Liquid Cooling Support Top 240mm/280mm radiator (max 320mm radiator)