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  1. Hi I was wondering if any of you are using the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X and what temperatures you are running idle and on load? I'm running pump full speed at 2700+/- the radiatorfans are adaptive to my silent/standard/turbo/fullspeed settings Standard at idle I'm running 39/41°C Full speed while playing heavy games like ARMA 3, it goes as low as 30/34°C is this a good result? I've read in the sticky post people are running as low as 20°C but don't know what cpu they're using and at load 40°C not knowing what speeds the fans are running or what Silent/standard/turbo/full speed setting
  2. Hi there, I noticed on the pictures of the masterliquid 240 the back of the fans with the support are mounted towards the radiator. does that not mean, the heat of the interior of the pc is blown towards the radiator heating it up? thx Matt
  3. 2 questions: first: What RPM should the pump run at? it says 2700+/- in my ai suite from asus, Second: What would be the best connector on my mainboard, it's connected to the AIO-pump 4pin connect, but my X370f strix motherboard also has the W-pump+ connector.