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  1. After some serious searching and looking at dozens of pictures, I figured out the problem is not with the case, it was the motherboard. As you can see in the attached pics, there is a black box thing on the left side of the motherboard. That box has an opening in the top of it that allows for the insertion of a small fan to help keep the VRM's cool. The box that I'm talking about is the triangle shaped thing. You can see where it opens if you look closely at the first pic. The liquid ports on the MLP280 came in contact with that cover and would not fit. The same applied on the other side of the case with the backside of the CDRom drives. After some discussion with a CM Support person I decided to go with the MasterAir MA610P air cooler. Many thanks to all that read my posts and took the time to respond. I really appreciate it and many thanks to Mohd Dzuld for taking the time to help me overcome this obstacle. I apologize for the size of the pics, I took them with my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I know of no way to shrink them.
  2. Thanks for the help. I have one of the MasterAir MA610P on order now from Newegg.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will be waiting for your next post.
  4. I read the threads and watched the videos. Neither of them help when the radiator doesn't fit. I have included two pictures: Pic1 is a picture of the left side of the case where the radiator ports (liquid in/liquid out) or fittings would not fit. If you look close at the pic, you can see the plastic cover over the things. On the bottom of the plastic thing you can see where it says "TUF". I think the things under that cover are called VRM's but I'm not sure. When I installed the mobo, I had to install a small fan inside that cover to blow cool air on them to help keep them from getting too hot. After realizing the radiator would not fit in that direction, I turned it around to try the other way and ran in to the same problem but with the CD-Rom's inside the case. The liquid ports would not allow the radiator to fit because they were in the way with the CD-Rom's and would not fit. I tried everything that I could think of to try and get the radiator to fit inside the case with the rest of my system but it just would not go, and I wasn't going to try and force it because things don't work when they are forced or you run the risk of violating the warranty or damaging equipment. I explained the situation to the folks at NewEgg where I bought the cooler and they said they had heard of that problem before and they allowed me to return it but it cost me a $15.00 return fee. I wasn't too happy about that because I didn't feel as though the problem was my fault. It was a CoolerMaster cooler in a CoolerMaster case and I believe it should have worked. That problem took place about three months ago and in the mean time I have been using an Arctic 7 cpu cooler but I would really like to improve upon that somehow. I just don't know how at this point in time. Thanks for taking the time to read my notes.
  5. I have the CM Mastercase Maker 5t with an Asus TUF Sabertooth 990FX 3.0 motherboard and an Arctic 7 Pro cpu cooler with an AMD FX 8370 cpu. I want to improve my cooling capabilities because when attempting to play a game or two, the cpu heats up and the machine shuts down. Current temps are fine as long as I'm not doing anything with the machine beyond browsing, YouTube videos and reading email. My concern is the amount of clearance between the cpu and the glass window. Does anyone at tech-support have any idea on what the max clearance is so that I can do some shopping around. I tried the CM MasterLiquid Pro 280 but it would not fit because the plastic liquid ports on the radiator interfered with the motherboard cover for the top left corner of the board. Sorry, don't know what is underneath that cover except for the small fan that is there to keep things cool. I'm open for suggestions for a good cooler, doesn't matter if it is air cooled, or liquid cooled. It just has to fit. Thanks for taking the time to read this long note.
  6. I recently purchased a CoolerMaster Mastercase Maker 5t for my new custom build but I'm having a hard time deciding on which cooler I want to put inside. Here is my system: Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5t case AMD FX8370 cpu Asus TUF Sabertooth 990FX 3.0 motherboard Corsair Vengeance Pro 32 gigs ram I am looking for a liquid cooler that will fit this case and cpu. Looking for something that would not be too hard to get in the case. I believe a 240 would be a good size that would be easy enough to get in the case without too much trouble but who better to ask than the people here at Coolermaster since they made the case. Thanks to all that read my post and many thanks to those that respond.