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  1. I have been seeing the same problem with the Quickfire TK and it continues with macOS Sierra (10.12) and even High Sierra (10.13). I don't know if this is CoolerMaster's issue or Apple's issue, but I would sure love if someone got to the bottom of it and issued a fix. Does CM ever issue firmware updates for keyboards? In any case, I filed a bug report with Apple in September 2016 (bug report 28407366). You can do the same at The more people who report this the better chance they (or CM) will fix it. I have found that the seemingly random disconnection is actually related to the Mac checking for software updates. Here is a test I devised to trigger the problem on my Mac: (1) I opened two windows with the Terminal program. (2) In the first Terminal window I type "ls" from the Quickfire TK keyboard to confirm it is working. (3) In the first Terminal window I type "softwareupdate -l" to force the Mac to check for updates. (4) In the second Terminal window I type "ls" from the Quickfire TK keyboard to see if it is working (it never is at this point). Note that I did not wait for the software update process to complete in the first window. The failure happens immediately (or at least as fast as I can get from one window to the other and type "ls"). So give this a try. See if you can replicate the problem. If so, file a bug report with Apple. If anyone knows how to get the attention of CM on this problem, please let us know.