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  1. Just after 2 years (of warranty) my Apple laptop battery is at just 75% of capacity at 232 cycles, instead of 80% at 1000 cycles. That will most likely be caused by high battery temperature, is the office location during summer days is often at 27ºC ambient temperature. Even after increasing the Macbook fan speed (smcFanControl) the battery temperature (coconutBattery) is over 35ºC celcius. Even after adding the Notepal X-Lite II (near perfect size for a MacBook Air 11 inch) the battery temperature goes over 35ºC. I do wish to keep the battery temperature at 15~20ºC while ambient is 27~34ºC. Use thermo electric (peltier/TEC) or mechnical (compressor) based cooling for that. Because the element might cool to deep (condensation) it will need some power controller to manage its level of cooling (turning wheel is OK, including off state for winter season). For peltier a current without PWM (not a pulsed current) and for the compressor: a variable speed motor.