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  1. Thanks for the info. I thought I was left unsupported. I was disappointed as seller was not accepting return. I thought the cooler would be useless for me unless I upgrade Motherboard and processor which I can't do right now. I am happy for the support. Support team member contacted me about this matter. Hopefully I will get bracket and be able to install the Cooler on my LGA 775 PC.
  2. I recently bought Hyper 212x to get it fixed in my Intel LGA775 Socket as the stock CPU fan started giving issues. Wherever I saw the product details of Hyper 212X I found that LGA 775 supported. After the item got delivered, to my surprise, when I checked on the box, LGA 775 was not there on the supported socket list. When I tried installing I observed that the bracket is not aligning at all. Also, the product documentation that comes in the tools box doesn't specify installation for LGA 775 socket type. I am thinking to return the product back. I am attaching image of the box that I received. Cooler master silently dropped support for Intel's LGA 775 socket support?