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  1. Hello everyone! First of all I would like to say I am very happy with this combo at the price point it is. I came from an old Microsoft media keyboard and the jump from standard membrane to the "mem-chanical" is pretty sweet, even though not a real mech, still pretty awesome. My issues have been minor so far. I guess the most serious one is that the mouse wheel started squeaking quite a bit on the second day of use. I ordered some dielectric silicon paste to lubricate it better, still waiting on the arrival. Still, a brand new mouse should not present this issue. As far as the keyboard goes, I noticed the forward and back media functions (home and end keys) work reversed with spotify. I still could not find a way to fix this... No other serious issues so far. For improvements and suggestions: 1- I wish the LEDs were a bit brighter. Using it during the day forces me to stay in the green color as it feels the brightest. 2- An "overall" suggestion for keyboards in general: media keys should ALWAYS be on the left hand side, regardless of being dedicated or function keys. It is a lot more natural to keep your hand on the mouse and change the volume or other media functions with the left hand, just like pressing any other key. An example would be to map Vol - and + to the "1" and "2" keys, back and forward to "3" and "4" and pressing ALT for the function. It is a very natural movement, a lot more than taking your right hand off the mouse or crossing the left hand all over the keyboard to reach the "PAGE UP" button. 3- Caps Lock is a key that should always have its own LED to indicate activation right on the key. Also makes no sense pressing a key on the left side and have an indicator light 40cm away... All in all, pretty good job putting this option together for this price. Well balanced and a great mid point! All the best!